Kingstons  provide the full range of professional quantity surveying and construction cost management services. Our services are strongly project focused and tailored to meet the project and client requirements, combining insight and innovation with industry expertise to help our client’s project excel.

Our services include complete construction cost management from preliminary cost advice to complete financial control through all project phases from inception to completion.

Our range of service is enhanced by our industry expertise and experienced staff who provide pro-active advice at the various phases of the project cycle. Our experience has shown that successful completion of any project is only achieved through sound management and strong team participation throughout the entire design and construction process.

We carefully evaluate our client’s individual project requirements and appoint the appropriate team to ensure effective and efficient construction cost management is achieved.

The services we offer encompass the following and are tailored to suit individual project and client requirements:

  • Cost Planning and Management 
  • Contract Procurement 
  • Contract Administration 
  • Financial Institution Services 
  • Life Cycle Costing 
  • Canterbury Reconstruction
  • Other Specialist Services
Cost Planning and Management

Cost planning and management from project inception to completion is the method by which construction costs are established, value managed and controlled giving cost certainty through every project phase.

Cost planning optimises delivery of the project without compromising quality of design, reliability, performance or goals.

Our services include:

  • Cost estimating, advice and control through all design stages from concept to completed design
  • Evaluation of design and/or material alternatives to identify the most cost effective options
  • Optimising value for money through value management
  • Risk identification, analysis and management
  • Buildability advice
  • Cash flow forecasting and analysis

Contract Procurement

Advice regarding contractor procurement and contractual arrangements is provided based on the client’s and/or projects principle objectives to provide cost certainty, and ensure quality of design, workmanship and delivery of the project are uncompromised.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of Schedule of Quantities
  • Advice on form of tendering and tenderer selection
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Tender review and evaluation
  • Contractor appraisal
  • Contractor negotiation
  • Advice on contractual arrangements and form of contract
  • Preparation and negotiation of contract documentation

Contract Administration

Effective cost control during the construction process is achieved by monitoring and reporting on all aspects of construction costs. Regular cost monitoring provides continuous up-to-date cost-positions enabling potential cost overruns to be identified and mitigated.

Our services include:

  • Progress claim assessment and certification
  • Financial cost reporting and final cost forecasting
  • Cash flow forecasting and analysis
  • Variation assessment and negotiation
  • Final account negotiation
  • Extension of time claim assessment
  • Dispute resolution
  • Independent client representation
  • Acting as ‘Engineer to the Contract’

Financial Institution Services

Developments or projects requiring funding from a financial institution require independent project review along with pre-condition and cost-to-complete reporting and certification.

We currently act for all of the major trading banks and financial institutions lending to the New Zealand construction industry.

Our services include:

  • Pre-condition reporting and certification including auditing project budgets, programme, documentation, contractual arrangement, contractor appraisal, authority approvals and contingency assessment
  • Cost-to-Complete reporting and certification including monitoring project expenditure, progress vs programme, authority approvals and contingency assessment
  • Risk identification, analysis and management
  • Independent client representation

Life Cycle Costing

Life cycle costing establishes the true cost of a building component throughout the expected life of the building. By comparing design and material alternatives, the true cost of various proposed options are represented as a present day value, factoring in capital cost, running cost, maintenance cost and life expectancy. This analysis ensures appropriate investment decisions are made.

Canterbury Reconstruction

Kingstons are employed as independent auditors for IAG New Zealand and their reinsurers on the Canterbury earthquake reconstruction work. IAG encompasses insurance brands State and NZI amongst others. IAG have employed a project manager to manage the reconstruction on their behalf.

Kingstons conducted an initial review of the set-up phase of the project, including an audit on:

  • The project manager’s proposed personnel for the project
  • Contractor prequalification meetings
  • Materials procurement procedures
  • Pricing strategies
  • Savings achieved by discount structures from supply chain
  • Proposed contract agreements between builder and customer
  • Payment terms applicable to contract agreements
  • Staged payment process based on set milestones
  • Consultant agreements regarding observation, practical completion certification (where applicable), professional indemnity insurance, etc.

During reconstruction Kingstons is undertaking random audits on the individual projects to audit the total process, including:

  • Initial scoping
  • Pricing
  • Adherence to procurement procedures
  • Progress payments
  • Personal reports on contractor and project management staff
  • Audit of variations
  • Audit of final account
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Monitoring of IAG’s brand representation on projects.

These reports are made available to IAG’s reinsurers as an independent audit of IAG’s expenditure on the rebuilding.

Other Specialist Services

Other specialist services we provide include:

  • Adjudication and Arbitration Support Services
  • Audit Quantity Surveying
  • Dispute Mediation
  • Client Representation